Home of the Remington “Big Shot”

Remington Big Shot at Autumn Creek

Outdoor enthusiasts have relied on Remington for more than 200 years for high-quality firearms and accessories. Ourmaster-crafted rifles have helped put food on the table for generations as the gun of choice for hunting and manning the land. Whether your choice of game is elk, quail or duck, or you prefer home-grown pork or beef, you now have the perfect place to prepare it on Remington's new Big Shot Grill and Smoker.

The Big Shot builds on Remington's heritage as a state-of-the-art ceramic cooker designed for both backyard and base of operations. Ceramic heats quickly and evenly to prevent cold or burnt spots. Meals turn out deliciously prepared every time, whether you're flipping venison burgers, barbecuing chicken, or slow-cooking pork for pulled sandwiches. You'll appreciate the design of the Big Shot from the shotgun shell handle, shell-shaped vented top, and the Big Shot Logo thermometer.

And as you would expect from us, the Big Shot cooker comes with a 25-year warranty on ceramic parts and a 5-year warranty on the stainless steel hardware. Remington customers have often said our firearms make them better marksmen. With the Big Shot, you also become a better cook.

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